dark rye flour, well seasoned

fair rye flour, lightly seasoned

100% local rye flour, sourdough, well seasoned

local whole grain rye flour, well seasoned

dark rye flour, small, well seasoned


Since primeval times bread and water have been associated with life. Bread stands for all foods.

In the course of the interaction between agriculture and craftsmanship, the farmer and the baker one of the most precious foods has been produced from cereal for thousands of years: bread.

The traditional Vinschger Ur Paarl is a very particular kind of bread speciality. Its production and the cultivation of rye that is required follow strict regulations.

Tradition is more apparent in the Vinschgau Valley than anywhere else.
Shaped by an eventful history and characterised by its rugged landscape the valley still today has a natural charm. By means of hard work and the support of the Benedictines from the monastery Marienberg the farmers reclaimed the valley.

Old bread recipes have been handed down to us. The recipe for the Ur Paarl originating from the monastery Marienberg has been taken up by innovative bakers who are now again baking this tasty and spicy bread by using rye that is grown in the valley. The rye and fenugreek that are used for the Ur Paarl are grown according to traditional methods exclusively in the upper part and centre of the Vinschgau Valley. In the year 2000 17 cereal farmers from the Vinschgau Valley harvested 32,000 kg of rye grown on an area of 13 hectares. With this amount of rye the ten bakers produced 410,000 Ur Paarl breads.